As a BookMyDesigns contributor, you are required to follow the policies outlined below. Design Ownership and Intellectual Property BookMyDesigns controls your legal relationship with us, the rights you are granting to BookMyDesigns in any creative work submitted by you to BookMyDesigns, and the uses BookMyDesigns may make of the content. Being inspired by an idea is acceptable, it is never acceptable to copy someone else’s idea. If you believe the copyright of the design has not been contravening upon, please ensure and collect all information about the design. · You must be the owner or creator of the design work which you submit to BookMyDesigns. You cannot submit designs that are obtained from other sources or executed somewhere, such work can be submitted with prior permission from the creator or owner of the designs. · Public domain design work cannot be submitted under any circumstances. · Designs submissions intended for commercial purposes must not contain any copyrighted issues. the submitted designs may not contain trademarks, service marks or other indications like logos, brand names etc. · If submitted design work contains copyrighted material and/or trademarks, the submitter or contributor will be responsible for any legitimate process. · Do not use your own watermark, website name, in your designs. We protect your content with our own watermark, which is applied when your content is accepted to our site. · We reserve the right to remove or add any previously accepted or unaccepted design submission from the BookMyDesigns website. Account Regulation If we see repeated issues related to content submissions or account activity, you may receive a warning. Multiple warnings may result in account suspension or termination. Some reasons for receiving warnings are: · Consistent repeated resubmissions without addressing the rejection reasons · Sharing any account details for payments with another BookMyDesigns contributor · Submitting content which may be excessively inspired by work to which you do not own the copyright · Frequent errors in categorizing content and applying metadata to submitted content. · Copying the entire description and/or keywords of another item of content on BookMyDesigns · Title Spamming (repeating the same word within the title) · Keyword Spamming (using irrelevant keywords) · Re-adding keywords that were previously removed by an administrator, adding restricted keywords after content approval, or modifying a caption that was previously edited by an administrator · Inappropriate keywords, such as those defined in the People Category (e.g., the use of \"teen\", \"nude\", \"sexy\", etc.) · Failure to follow the guidelines outlined Releases · Releases for Artwork --BookMyDesigns property release requirement for images that contain artwork ensures that you own the rights to both the submitted image, the artwork and 3D downloadable files contained therein. Such representation protects both our contributors and our customers from a potential claim of copyright infringement.